Saturday, February 2, 2008

AFSC to Offer Refugee Workshops to Faith Groups from March 6-10 in DC

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq, comprised of the peace fellowships of many Christian denominations, gathered in Washington in 2007 for a national service for peace. The group has expanded and a larger interfaith coalition, joined by AFSC, will gather in Washington, DC from March 6-10. Several houses of worship, including Washington Friends, will host events, help coordinate interfaith services, and offer nonviolent trainings and regional advocacy meetings. AFSC plans to offer two workshops on the Iraqi Refugee Crisis and offer materials to Quaker Meetings, congregations, and other faith groups on how to support Iraqi refugees being resettled in the United States. If you would like more information on the events visit

The gathering will also be an opportunity for attendees to meet with their members of congress and talk to them about the war. Friends Committee on National Legislation, Christian Peace Witness, Ecumenical Advocacy Days, and AFSC have partnered up to offer a workshop on talking with congress about the war. You can register for the event through CPWI’s website. If you would like to participate in additional lobby sessions offered by EAD, register for their events here.

For more information on supporting Iraqi refugees being resettled in your community, visit

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