Monday, June 16, 2008

Iraqi Refugee Crisis Grows Worse as West Turns it’s back

Writing for the Independent, Kim Sengupta documents an Iraqi refugee crisis that continues to grow worse.

“The Iraqi diaspora is now one of the largest in modern times, with more than two million people fleeing abroad. But the ferocious strife and the breakdown in law and order have led to another wave of about 2.7 million fleeing their homes but unable to escape the country. Many of these have moved to Baghdad, putting further strain on a shattered infrastructure and adding to the city's sectarian tensions. The situation in terms of numbers and conditions for the displaced people has deteriorated dramatically in the past two years, Amnesty claims.”

Rhetoric and Reality: The Iraqi Refugee Crisis (New Report)
Amnesty International, June 2008

Iraqi Refugees Facing Desperate Situation
Amnesty International Iraq home page, features video clips and links to other documents.

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