Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Five Years | One in Five Displaced

To help make sense of the volume of written material, here is a modest selection of overviews looking back on five years of war and occupation. Weighing the options, I was struck by the relative lack of political analysis verses the amount of information highlighting the humanitarian crisis for Iraqis - inside the country, and as refugees. Those studies are at the heart of this list. Sadly, for most people, these reports will only be mentioned in passing by an AP or Reuters wire story.

Gaith Abdul-Ahad returns to his hometown to look at the impact of the war on what has become a city of walls. Take a moment to look at his video dispatches. Patrick Cockburn reviews the occupation and sees a country utterly ruined, fearing the impact of a new US armed militia 80,000 strong. Amy Goodman is rebroadcasting the testimonies from last weekend’s Winter Soldier on Democracy Now, and a couple of links from international humanitarian agencies highlight the need to be healing the wounds of war.

One in five Iraqis displaced or refugees
Reuters, via International Organization for Migration, 18 March 2008

How to Destroy a Country in Five Years
Patrick Cockburn, 17 March 2008

Baghdad: City of Walls (video series)
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, 17 March 2008

Winter Soldier Broadcast
Democracy Now, 18 March

IRAQ: The Human Cost (database of reports on the human cost for Iraqis)
MIT Center for International Studies

IRAQ: No Let-Up in the Humanitarian Crisis
International Committee of the Red Cross, March 2008

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