Monday, March 3, 2008

What Do You Know About Iraq?

Correct answers are highlighted with links to sources.

1) How much does the US pay per day for the war in Iraq?
A) $100 million
B) $270 million
C) $525 million
D) $720 million

2) If the US spends $1 per day in Iraq, how much would go to repair and humanitarian assistance?
A) 7 cents
B) 13 cents
C) Fraction of one penny
D) 1 penny

3) What is the population of Iraq?
A) 53 million
B) 12 million
C) 27 million
D) 100 million

4) How many Iraqis have been displaced from their homes?
A) 8 million
B) 100,000
C) 5 million
D) 3 million

5) How many Iraqi have been killed?
A) 750,000
B) 1 million
C) 500,000
D) 17,000

6) How many Iraqis are now refugees outside the country?
A) 3.7 million
B) 750,000
C) 900,000
D) 2.4 million

7) How many Iraqi refugees has Syria accepted?
A) 75,000
B) 1.4 million
C) 500,000
D) 900,000

8) How many Iraqi refugees has the US accepted?
A) 750
B) 100,000
C) 725,000
D) 1,700

9) How many US troops are in Iraq? (Not including mercenaries & private contractors)
A) 50,000
B) 325,000
C) 700,000
D) 165,000

10) What countries border Iraq?
A) Lebanon, Palestine, North Korea, Pakistan
B) Yemen, Sudan, Somalia
C) Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
D) Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan

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Sea Keys said...

c Thanks for this important reminder of my ignorance and that of my countrymen. May we open to the rest of the world and be spokes in the wheel instead of feeling that we must be the hub. But it's going over the hill. The hub will break unless we strengthen the many spokes representing the many peoples in this world by becoming a spoke, The wheel is us, the human race, the human community. Namaste.